How it Works

FBAChatbot help ecommerce stores to improve their customer experience and, ultimately, their performances. That staggering question: how can my company capitalize on consumers’ interest in coupons, capturing their purchasing power long-term? By offering discounts inside a bot, your company can take advantage of unique opportunities, promote new products and offers directly to your customers via Messenger. Feeling excited about how bots could help your eCommerce business? Then what are you waiting for? Best part — you don’t even need a huge subscriber list to start seeing results! Get started with Messenger Marketing right away and start boosting your sales!

Bots = $$$$. Don’t miss out on this HUGE opportunity for your eCommerce business.


‘Get Started’ button is shown during the start and the conversation is kept so simple to get the user’s email address and to showcase them, the list of products and the coupon codes available. The Messenger Sales Channel allows customers to view your product catalogs within the Messenger app. When they find something they want to buy, it will take them to your Amazon Store or E-commerce checkout page.


A single bot to collect the email address, display your Storefront products and to request the customers to leave a review.  This will help increase your conversion rate and lead nurturing through chatbots. The whole process, from connecting with the bot to viewing a product, is a flowing conversation.For the store owner, bot-delivered coupons incentivize top-of-funnel sales.


You can build the chatbots without any coding, aswe will do the entire setup from A-Z and make the ChatBot live for your Facebook page. A unique way to incentivize Sales with Coupons and Go Beyond the Coupon by putting your growth on Autopilot. By offering discounts inside a bot, your company can take advantage of unique opportunities.